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Site Development

What our clients think

Brett Wilson

I have had the pleasure of working with Watkins Landmark Construction on nearly a dozen projects over the last few years… Always responsive to our needs and our funding limits, Watkins has been able to transform spaces on time and on budget, delivering on all fronts.

Chris Blaney

Thanks Jody, you beat me to it, I was going to send you an e?mail about how happy we are with your team,David Mike and Noreen have been great to work with. Mike manages the site better than any project we have seen and David and Noreen, have been very helpful in working through the inevitable issues with drawing that crop up.

Kevin Reynolds

Watkins Landmark Construction successfully and safely completed this work while coordination with the staff to keep the facility operating. Despite encountering a number of unforeseen conditions during the sitework portion of the project, you and your subcontractors worked effectively and put in the overtime required to achieve the critical completion date.

Lewis Dominy

Working with your team has really been a great experience. We did not know what to expect when we first began since we had never worked together, and that always creates some unease. From the very beginning your team has exceeded all expectations with your initiative, performance, and teamwork.

Virgil Thompson

I cannot imagine working with a better group of construction professionals. I am confident that you will feel the same if you work with them on your project. If you have any questions about Watkins or the scope of our project, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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