Oscar Iniguez 10th Anniversary

Oscar IniguezExcluding Jen and myself, this is only the 2nd time in Watkins Landmark history that we celebrate an employee’s 10th anniversary with our company. That is 10 consecutive years Tori, sorry. 10 years ago today, Oscar Iniguez was hired to do the Heights custom home development. The Heights turned out to be a train wreck / dumpster fire of a project. Despite that result, we have kept Oscar employed. After much persistence, Oscar is now a Senior Superintendent and one of the leaders in our San Diego office. He has also cut down his driving complaints to once a year. We are hoping the last complaint will be stretched over the next two years. Everybody take a moment to congratulate Oscar on this achievement. For everybody that took Dean’s bet that ” No f&$^ing way will Oscar will make his 10 year anniversary!”, Dean will be begrudgingly be paying off by the kegerator at 4:00 PM today. Congratulations to Oscar!