White Sands La Jolla Renovation

Project Description

White Sands has undergone a $16 million restoration that updated the high-profile luxury retirement community located in the gorgeous beach-side community of La Jolla. This prestigious facility is truly one of a kind and we have been grateful for the opportunity to serve this community.
The retirement community is quite literally on the beach in La Jolla. There are not many retirement communities anywhere in the state that can say the same. This is truly a place you need to see to believe. The residents have panoramic views from almost every common area on the grounds. Located at 7450 Olivetas Ave., White Sands’ residential apartments range in size and service. Service options are independent living or assisted living with services such as memory care units and on-site nursing teams.
Construction on White Sands’ South Wing Project included the renovation of its main lobby, ocean-view lounge, the addition of a new elevator, bistro, ocean bar, plus the new library with reading spaces, with the exterior improvements including library deck, and bistro seating area.

Project Details

La Jolla, California
November 2017
Ewing Architects


The retirement home was in operation so routing the residents around our project into the cafeteria safely was a big concern. The project was right on the ocean, so salt air had eroded the building. There was also no original drawings, so there was a lot of discovery demo.


  • A beautiful state of the art retirement home with an ocean view.
White Sands Senior Living
White Sands Senior Living