July Newsletter


July Newsletter

Watkins Landmark’s July 2021 Newsletter


Since the Califino arena Groundbreaking Celebration, the construction community has been a buzz that Watkins Landmark Construction will be building yet another Landmark sporting facility in Southern California. I have been very fortunate in my career. I have worked on stadiums, arenas, gymnasiums and other such athletic facilities over most of my career. As a failed athlete, the second best thing is to be building the stadiums and facilities that your favorite athletes play in like Petco Park project, home of the Padres. Being one of Southern Californians premier sporting facility general contractors, we look forward to another Landmark sporting facility announcement, coming later this summer.

Our first article in the Newsletter will be about our Groundbreaking Ceremony for the soon to be new home of the San Diego Sockers. CaliFino arena is the current name of the facility. The name is in homage to CaliFino Tequila, one of Phil Salvagio’s many business interests. For those of you who don’t know, Phil Salvagio, he is Owner & Coach of the Sockers. The Sockers are the 15 time champion of the MASL. As we will expand on in the groundbreaking article below, this event was covered by most major news outlets in San Diego.

Our second article is written by John Gonzalez, our Director of Business Development. With the pandemic subsiding, the construction market is heating up. However, not nearly as much as it could be due to record commodity pricing. Structural steel, metal and wood prices have all doubled since December 2020. Wood is starting to ebb a bit and the costs are slowly dropping. However, we are not so lucky with steel. Many credible publications, including the Wall Street Journal, are stating it will be 2023 before we see any relief in the steel and metal market.

In our Company Culture section, we will focus on the upcoming events for our employees as well as friend’s of Watkins Landmark. With the restrictions being lifted, it is a great time to take our personnel out for team building events, even just a company happy hour is an incredibly pleasant time after spending the last year binge watching Netflix. As the adjacent picture demonstrates, we are greatly looking forward to our fishing trips as well as other activities and events detailed in the article below.

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions for our newsletter over the years. We truly try to incorporate the best of the remarks into our periodical. You can always click on my name and email me at Jody James Watkins with any observations or critiques.


Jody James Watkins


Jody James Watkins
San Diego / Inland Empire

San Diego Sockers Arena Groundbreaking

Watkins Landmark is honored to have the opportunity to build the first permanent home for the San Diego Sockers, CaliFino arena, located just east of the 5 freeway in Oceanside. This project is yet another Landmark Sporting Facility to be built by WLC. The project was kicked off this past May with an exciting groundbreaking ceremony and put the first shovels in the ground.  Many people from all over San Diego County came to be a part of this ceremony; including the Mayor of Oceanside, City Council members, WLC staff, and of course the players from the Sockers team.

The Sockers have been wanting a “forever home” for their team, with the help of Watkins Landmark Construction, Sudberry Properties, ICON Architectural Group, and CaliFino Tequila, the Sockers’ dream will now come true. We are proud to be a part of building the Sockers a new home, where they can create long-lasting memories for themselves and the ever-growing soccer community. The arena will not only be home to the Sockers but will also be used for hosting many types of events such as hockey, concerts, and many other types of sports from high school to the professional level.

The groundbreaking event was a great way to kick off the project. In a large outdoor gathering at the site, we were able to mingle and network with all the different people involved in making this project possible. Our team strategically placed renderings around the entrance of the event to showcase the elaborate details of the new arena to allow the guests to visualize what the arena will look like upon completion. After over a year apart, being able to put faces to names, speak face to face, and celebrate this milestone together was a wonderful moment. Thank you to John Gonzalez, Katherine Cochran, Jesse Nelson and Mike Gallardo from WLC for your hard work in making this event a success.

In approximately 18 months Watkins Landmark will be proud to announce the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the Grand Opening of the CaliFino Arena.

The Effects of Covid-19 in Construction and the Current Commodities Market

The pandemic put a sudden stop to many construction projects due to several different factors. Although most lockdown restrictions have been lifted and daily life is starting to feel normal again, the effects of covid-19 in 2020 has created additional challenges. Specifically in the commodities market, these challenges will continue to delay construction from continuing business as usual.

Many projects in progress and others that were planned to start in 2020 came to a sudden halt due to uncertainty amongst developers and lenders and their need to minimize risk. The covid-19 lockdown requirements in each state also delayed permitting processes within City departments. The required closure for material suppliers and manufacturers also forced projects to stop. During the lockdown, there was an increase in home improvement projects and restaurants raced to create outdoor dining spaces, which all affected lumber pricing and availability. As the construction industry kicked back into gear after almost a year, that years’ worth of delayed projects and interruption in the production of materials created an unprecedented level of inflation due to the shortage of supply and historic demand as many projects aim to get back on schedule.

From May 2020 to May 2021 the price of lumber doubled, forcing vendors to announce weekly or bi-weekly price increase notifications. As of July 2021, the cost of steel continues to rise with experts predicting that pricing will not begin to correct until 2023. In addition to cost increases, certain steel materials ordered in July of 2021 will not be available for delivery to job sites until August 2022 with requirements to pay current pricing. The cost of steel affects many trades across the board, not just structural steel. From plumbing, electrical, metal, flashing, equipment down to even the nails used by roofers.

The educated opinion on Lumber is that it may have peaked in May 2021 and is slowly on its way down to more manageable prices. Though some projects have been delayed until pricing corrects others have continued construction with strategic phased purchasing plans incorporated into the project schedules allow time for the possibility of additional cost savings. For more information on current pricing and to discuss savings options on your project please feel free to email [email protected] or call at (858) 259-1240

Pandemic Subsiding, Time to Start Scheduling Watkins Landmark Cultural Events Again!

At Watkins Landmark, we have always prided ourselves in that old adage “Work Hard, Play Hard.” One of the many frustrating outcomes of the COVID restrictions was the inability to do these team bonding events. A couple great examples of things that were cancelled are in the adjacent pictures. The top picture is the World Famous Camp Pendleton USMC Mud Run. Below is a picture of the last “Watkins Landmark Day at the Races” held at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club in 2019.

John Gonzalez, our Director of Business Development, is restarting our “Culture Club” under his wings and is planning the following events for the remainder of 2021 and on into 2022.

August 21st, 2021
WLC Annual Company Picnic
Usually held at Moonlight Beach.

October 9th -10th, 2021
BNP Paribas Open
After missing the last two years due to COVID, they delayed this years tournament to October. This is our biggest client event of the year. It is quite fun for our employees and their families as well!

November 19th, 2021

December 17th, 2021
WLC Holiday Party

Congratulations to our CEO and his new Bride Jennifer Gorman Watkins on their wedding over the last weekend. The event was held at Solar Fortun in Guadalupe Valley, Baja California, Mexico. For those who have not been there, Guadalupe Valley resembles Napa back in the 1970’s. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the history of Napa, the movie