Dana Sterle


Dana Sterle

Hi Jody,
I am the property manager for 1491 Poinsettia Ave. in Vista. Watkins Landmark was awarded a job through our Construction Manager Tim Obrist. I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a pleasure it has been working with Kristian Burchat and Rudy Garcia. Both are extremely professional, very responsive to change order requests (all one million of them), available at the drop of a hat to walk the job with me (I’m on-site so I ask often).

Yesterday, the COO of IndCor, the owner of the project, was visiting from Denver. This is the first time he has seen the project since construction began. His reaction to seeing the warehouse space was complete elation.
He was very impressed with the way the space looks in such a short time. It was a great visit and I truly believe it is because of the hard work that Kristian and Rudy have given to this project.

Just today, Kristian acted quickly when I thought I caught a neighboring building on fire. Literally, I turned on an AC unit and the fan motor burned up. The room filled with smoke and smelled of burned wires. Kristian didn’t
hesitate to jump up and help me with the situation. I know often times we get so busy, we often forget to stop
and say thank you, so I wanted to make sure I sent an email regarding the job Watkins Landmark has done to date. The experience has been excellent and I know I will continue to use Watkins Landmark in the future, whenever possible. The client is also very happy with the results.

Dana Sterle
Property Manager
Corporate Occupier & Investor Services