November 2022 Newsletter

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November 2022 Newsletter

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At Watkins Landmark Construction we are witnessing change in so many different forms. As I am sure most of you know by now, our fearless leader Jody Watkins has traveled to Argentina to take on an expedition to the highest peak in the world outside of the Himalayas, Aconcagua Summit. We wish him the best of luck and in turn, we have our Director of Business Development, Loren Waldapfel to provide a look at the current state of the market. This month’s newsletter contains articles on a progress update from the Rising Sun Apartments (Spring Street) in La Mesa, the Iowa Street Groundbreaking, and in the culture section, an introduction to one of our new team members Michael Davis, who has joined Watkins Landmark Construction in the Estimating Department.

Thank you for all of your comments and suggestions on our newsletter over the years. We truly try to incorporate the best of your remarks into our periodical. You can always click on his name and email him at Jody James Watkins with any observations or critiques.


Jody James Watkins



Jody James Watkins
San Diego / Inland Empire


Winston Churchill said it best when he stated, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” As we enter the new year with renewed energy and optimism, it’s an amazing thing to witness how our colleagues adapt to change and embrace it for the good of the entire WLC family. Not unlike the mountain adventure of our leader, we too will find ways to dig deep to take the next steps, set our fears aside and focus on the ultimate goal.

As we embark on the journey that 2023 brings, we are extremely encouraged with the amount of inquiries and opportunities coming in the door. Our estimating team is working extremely hard putting together budgets and estimates to help our clients move ahead on their projects. We have over 450M in proposal submissions and would expect to close 33% of that, which would give us a nice push into the next 2 years. With these types of figures, our subcontractor relationships will be extremely vital, as well as, seeking out the talent and experience needed to support such work loads. We have enjoyed a great deal of success in previous years, and we are very proud of that, but we are on the fringe of something very special here and it’s an amazing feeling to be part of such a great team at this time. The future looks very bright.

Our multi-family resume will be our flagship for most of the next 2 years; however, we are pursuing work in other sectors such as, Medical Office Buildings, Type 1 high-rises, Repurposing existing commercial structures, and we are always happy to listen to any opportunity that may present itself. We call on the entire WLC family to continue nurturing relationships with reputable Subcontractors, Experienced Project Managers, Superintendents and to reach out to emerging leaders coming out of the gate, as we enforce our leaders’ vision and keep our foot on the throttle.

Loren Waldapfel
Director of Business Development
San Diego, CA

Rising Sun Apartments (Spring Street) Update

By Krysten Santiago, Business Development Coordinator

The last update we provided you with came in May, shortly after hitting the major milestone of the podium deck concrete pour. The Superintendent on the project, Michael Smith provided another progress check for us.

“We are focusing primarily on the street work portion of this project. We are currently pouring the last of the curb and gutter today. However, the sidewalk at Spring Street and Gate, will be poured by the end of the week. Wall B, will be completed by the middle of next week and once that is complete, the sidewalk up by Gate Street will be done as well. Then, there will be an asphalt patch back that will be completed by the end of next week also. Not to mention, the windows have been put in, the roofing is on and the lath will be going on after that.” said Smith.

The drywall is almost completed for all levels as well as the casework being complete in roughly two weeks. Lastly, the gypcrete has been completed on level 3, with level 4 being completed next week. The team has been working diligently to drive home this project, with the end in sight, it is amazing to see how much of Spring Street has come to life.

Michael’s goal is to continue to strive for efficiency in order to keep our valued clients happy.

The Project Management team consists of Geoff Sherman (Sr. Project Manager), Michael Smith (Superintendent), and Marco Peña (Assistant Project Manager).

Iowa Street ADU – Project Started

By Krysten Santiago, Business Development Coordinator

Watkins Landmark proudly teamed up with our clients on another groundbreaking, this time for the Iowa Street ADU’s. Currently, the team has finished with underground plumbing and have laid sand and rebar for the foundation. As of November 30th, the team is digging footings for ADU-A. On Monday the 5th, they will be pouring concrete for the building slab.

Iowa Street is the second project in a series of three, 8-unit apartment complexes, consisting of 4-structures with 2-stories each. These duplex units will be available for rent once the project is completed in April 2023.

Watkins Landmark Construction would like to thank owners for their commitment to success. We are thrilled to have started the second project and to continue to work together in the near future.

The Iowa Street team consists of Belen Tillett (Project Manager), Joel Rawson (Superintendent), Jose Ramirez (Project Engineer) and Lisa Karp (Project Coordinator).

Culture Section: Welcome to the Team Michael Davis

“Faith and family come first, other than that, there’s not much to me I guess.”

Michael Davis joined the Watkins Landmark team in November and came to us from Pacific Providence Construction as an estimator and superintendent for 9 years. When I asked him why he wanted to join the team, he said “I really liked the culture that the company created, it felt like a big company but seemed like a small family. I also wanted the opportunity to build on the experience I had by working on new types of projects that had a large impact. Thanks to WLC, I get to be home more, and actually BE a dad to my kids which I love!”

In his free time, Michael spends it with his family. “I married the love of my life 10 years ago and we have four beautiful children. Alani is 8, Kyson is 6.5, Koa is 3 and Ali is 16 months. Thanks to them I have an endless supply of dad jokes. We also have chickens, usually have a snow day each year, go camping in the desert at least once a year and go to the beach a lot during the summer. A random fact is that I love American History and played sports in college.”

His personal goal? “attempting a 100 mile race before I’m 40 (2yrs to go!)”

Overall, Michael feels “blessed” in his life and has been a wonderful addition to the team. He currently works out of the Carlsbad office.