Raymond Moore


Raymond Moore

Re: Watkins Landmark Construction Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern,

We needed an 8,000 seat tennis stadium and ancillary facilities completed in less than eleven months, a formidable task made even more difficult by the summer weather here in Indian Wells and the absolute nature of the completion deadline—the work had to be fully operational before the 2014 BNP Paribas Open. As the Design-Build Contractor of the project, Watkins Landmark Construction assembled a team of consultants and subcontractors that was unmatched when it came to cooperation, communication, and quality. It was our intent to expand the Indian Wells Tennis Garden with the new construction seamlessly integrating with the old. The Design-Build team, working closely with our staff, found ways to accomplish our every goal. The expanded facility includes the new 8,000 spectator stadium, featuring high?end dining restaurants with views onto court, entry, and venue oriented shade structures, 16 acres of additional parking, upgrades to the electrical and WiFi infrastructure, and four new practice courts, which have all greatly improved our player and patron experience.

The Indian Wells Tennis Garden stands as a benchmark in the Coachella Valley, USTA, and World Tennis Community. It was for that reason we had to choose the right Design-Build project team. Watkins Landmark Construction excelled in resolving challenging situations, meeting our extremely tight schedule, providing a safe work environment, hiring local subcontractors, delivering unsurpassed quality, and providing leadership within the consultant and ownership team.

In closing, we could not be happier with our experience with Watkins Landmark Construction and how the Stadium #2 and Site Expansion Project turned out. It is not often a project like this comes along, but when it does, a success like this should be recognized.


Respectfully Submitted,
Raymond Moore
Indian Wells Tennis Garden