Lew Dominy


Lew Dominy


Working with your team has really been a great experience. We did not know what to expect when we first began since we had never worked together, and that always creates some unease. From the very beginning, your team has exceeded all expectations with your initiative, performance, and teamwork. Our team has come back praising your guys week after week. We have been through a very difficult circumstance of logistical complications with so many of the users being on-site and continuing with all of their programs ongoing—from the smallest of pre-schoolers to the Senior adults. Not only has it been safe, but it has also been without incident of any kind, and it has gone more quickly and smoothly than any of us had anticipated. The finished product on phase one is beautiful, and the second phase, nearing completion, is looking even better. I don’t think any of this could have happened without your team’s personal commitment and intense involvement with so many details at every level. We look forward to many more projects with your team, and you can count on us for references to the quality of what you all do.


Thanks to all your team from ours,